Florence Peretola
“Amerigo Vespucci” (LIRQ/FLR)
v2.0 Overlay Scenery and Terrain Package v2.0
for X-Plane 9 and 10 (without HDR) and Global Scenery
by Francesco Cekko™ Cassese


To use and hopefully enjoy the Scenery Package you must have X-Plane 9 or above, together with European Area of Global Scenery, installed on your computer.
Simply put the folders "IT-LIRQ (Firenze Peretola) v2.0" and (if one wants to get the orthophoto as well) "IT-LIRQ (Firenze Peretola) Terrain v2.0" into the folder "Custom Scenery" of X-Plane.
Also, the latest version of OpenSceneryX is required to be installed onto your System as to get the correct behaviour of the Scenery Package.



First thing first, I whish to thank Andrea Pinelli (Borg' Ounion) whom with we started this project since the end of 2004, who has also designed and entirely created the Control Tower in the Scenery Package.
Many thanks go to Ben Supnik who has given me permission to use portions of X-Plane textures for the Apron Lamps and some NAVAIDs like the ILS Antennae and the GlideSlope.
Thanks to Mario Cavicchi for his ingenious GMaps software, that made the creation of the terrain textures surrounding the aerodrome area possible, and a particular thanks goes to Luca Zappalà who, with his software Simultools and SimulNight has created the night (LIT) textures of the same area, expressly for me, on my request.
I wish to thank very much the Squad of Beta Testers Nicola Altafini, Emanuele Schiroli, Ruggero Rissone, Alberto Salvi and Flavio Bartalesi who, with constance and incredible attention had made great efforts to report the tiniest imperfection into the Scenery Package they may have found: with their help, I hope now that I have eliminated any one of those errors!
I wish to thank all the OpenSceneryX team that continues the difficult development of the very big library of objects and anything else, that constantly enrich our Sceneries.
Last but not least, I wish to thank the whole Forum at X-Plane.it for the patience and friendship as well as the precious support provided.
This project was born many years ago from an individual idea, but has grown and has come true, finally after years because of the help of all this people.
Thank you all very much!


This package and all its contents are property of the author Francesco Cassese. It's strictly forbidden to make any modification, re-use or distribution of any part or any texture or any texture portion of the present scenery, anyway expressly without permission of the author himself.

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