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Firenze Peretola (LIRQ/FLR) CHANGELOG:



September 27, 2015
Added link in INDEX page, to http://www.x-plane.flightsim.com/ by request of our dear friend Dominic Smith at FloightSim.com. ;)

April 6, 2015

Generated version 2.0 (exiting from Beta now, some five years after first release, hahahahaha! OMG!)
But PLEASE NOTE that although we are terminating the Beta phase — it was about time!! — OBJects and textures and all other resources inside the scenery package are STILL the same as before, for better and for worse, excluding those of OpenSceneryX, as reported below in changelog.

• In Scenery Package:
Revised and corrected minor errors:
Edited Exclusions (they were only excluding FORests, now they exclude almost everything: OBJects, FACades,STRings, LINes and POLs (draped polygons).
Added compatibility with OpenSceneryX v2.1.0, as per latest actual release: update Library.txt with recent placeholders' list , added "enhancedby_opensceneryx_logo.png" image logo in scenery root folder and updated "opensceneryx" folder contents with actual v2.1.0 placeholders.

• In Website page:
Deleted all references to NAVAIDs and FIXes, consequently deleting Earth_nav.dat and Earth_fix.dat files and links. They are no more necessary since many years ago.
Updated Movies (Teaser and three Demo) from AVI DivX to a more recent MP4 format (H.264 with streaming capabilities).

As a side note, keep in mind that although MP4 format is much bigger than AVI DivX, it is also much more compatible with recent standards. Modern bandwidths should not create problems in viewing movie files almost twice as big as older AVI DivX files.

September 25, 2010

Minor Errors corrected:
"earth_nav.dat" and "earth_fix.dat" files have been completely updated, as from Robin Peel's Navigation Data website,
and added all LIRQ data by the author, as from June 2010.
Deleted the "earth-nav.dat" and "earth_fix.dat" files from the Scenery Package compressed archives.
Now the Archives do NOT contain those NAVAIDs & FIXes data; these files can be instead downloaded from the specific link in HomePage,
in compressed .ZIP format archive.

September 21, 2010

Minor Glitches corrected:
Added a STOP horizontal white line on a roadway towards the HELITALIA Hangar, in the south-east area of the Airport.
Added ReadMe files in RTF format, either in Italian and in English.

September 20, 2010

Initial Release and First Upload to Server.